International Week 2015

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At International Week 2015
September 14-17, New York City

Join us for a four-day event on innovation and international expansion at the heart of the world’s most open and diverse startup scene which invites entrepreneurs, investors, media, and political decision makers from around the globe.

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Entrepreneur Conference

New York City, September 14-16, 2015

followed by

International Day
Brooklyn Borough Hall, September 17, 2015

Photo: Tobias Everke

Driving International Aspirations
Across 5 Industry Tracks

Smart City & Clean Tech
New Manufacturing & Entrepreneurialism
Connected Health
New Media & Publishing

Industry-specific expert and community roundtable discussions during International Day 2015:
Cross-pollination for community-driven impact enabling rapid international expansion.

Our Speakers

Eric L. Adams, Brooklyn Borough President David Teten, Partner, ff Venture Capital Olaf Koch, CEO, Metro Group Alice Cheng, Founder & CEO, Culinary Agents Polya Lesova, Deputy Editor of Finance and Markets, The Wall Street Journal Terry Romero, Food & Crafts Outreach Lead, Kickstarter Jay Corless, Innovation Manager, UN Foundation Tania Yuki, Founder & CEO, Shareablee Justin Mares, Author of Traction Sang Ahn, Managing Director, Samsung Open Innovation Center Albert Wenger, Partner, Union Square Ventures Joanne Wilson, Angel Investor Steve Sokol, President, American Council on Germany Christoph Keese, Executive Vice President, Axel Springer Gregg Walker, Senior Vice President, Sony Corp. of America Joana Vicente, Executive Director, Made in NY Media Center by IFP Edward Shenderovich, Managing Director, Kite Ventures Stefan C. Heilmann, Global Head of IEG Internet and Technology Anna Rose, Founder & CEO, Videopath Benjamin Rohé, Managing Director, German Tech Entrepreneurship Center Shen Tong, Founder, Managing Director, FOOD-X Chand Sooran, COO and Advisor, American Prison Data Systems Matthew Holmes, President & COO, Vertana Group Raimund Bau, CEO, SO1 Daniel Buelhoff, Co-Founder & CEO, YummChef Gillian Morris, CEO, Hitlist David Bianco, Chief US Equity Strategist, Deutsche Bank Aditya Bhave, US Economist, Deutsche Bank Norbert Kuls, Financial Correspondent, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Dennis R. Mortensen, CEO and founder, Anna Garcia, Angel Investor Ulrike Hoffmann-Burchardi, PM, Tudor Investment Corporation Clemens Kabel, Investment Director, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft Allessandro Priol, Partner, Alpha Prime Ventures Benedikt von Schröder, Angel Investor Gianluca Galletto, Director of International Affairs, New York City Economic Development Corporation Maria Gotsch, CEO, Partnership Fund for New York City Stefan Franzke, Managing Director, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Kai Feder, Senior Account Executive, Yoswein Teddy Goldstein, Head of Operations, German Accelerator New York Yasha Tarani, CEO, Resmio Ulrich Quay, Partner/Managing Director, BMW iVentures Christopher Kuthan, Senior Business Leader, Verizon Johannes Becher, Director Global Venture, Rocket Internet Mike Raffelsperger, Author, Director DIRECT TV Lutz Villalba, CEO & Founder, MakerCloud Oliver Niedermaier, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Tao Investments Astrid Doerner, US Correspondent, Handelsblatt – German Business Daily Brita Wagener, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, New York Steve Sokol, President, American Council on Germany Christoph Keese, Executive Vice President, Axel Springer Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Founder, Spitzberg Partner Anand Shah, Global Venture Strategies, BMW iVenture Zachary Karas, Community Development Manager, BMW iVenture Cornelius Rabsch, CEO, BeaconInside Gerd Mittmann, VP, Marketing APAC & EMEA, Shutterstock Dean DiPietro, Partner, Tomorrow Lab Felix Kochbeck, CEO & Co-Founder, Luuv Jan Hase, CEO, Wunderflats Tania Yuki, Founder & CEO Bernd Schusky, Founder & CEO, keebits Odile Beniflah, International and Partnerships Tim Kirchner, Co-Founder & CEO, Luuv Michael Minelli, Head of M&A, MasterCard Advisors Alexander Krug, Founder & CEO, Softgames Holger Luedorf, Business Development, Postmates Christian Bogatu, Founder & MD, KIWI.KI Robin Haak, Co-Founder, Jobspotting Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth and more

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NYCEDCWorld to NYC Partnership for NYCBrooklyn

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Getting traction
and scaling quickly remains one of the common challenges for companies to impress investors or succeed on their own.

NY Intl logoTEP logo

While the TEP Conference has traditionally focused on facilitating and strengthening the ties between the cities of New York and Berlin, this year’s International Week invites additional leading hubs to join this modern type of partnership that focuses on ideas, data, entrepreneurship (traction), and growth.

The conference week provides a platform to discuss local, transatlantic and global challenges and opportunities of scaling at speed, showcase best-practices, and connect with decision makers.

The Transatlantic Entrepreneur Partnership (TEP) Conference

Leveraging opportunities of rapid internationalization through transatlantic city partnerships and collaboration.

The TEP Conference in New York City brings together investors, entrepreneurs, media, and policy makers from the US and Europe and, therewith, provide a platform to

  • Connect key stakeholders to build a trusted network for ongoing dialogue, knowledge exchange, and targeted collaboration.
  • Drive results by addressing specific challenges for transatlantic entrepreneurs and business leaders such as “raising funds” and “finding partners and people.”
  • Impact policies by delivering content and defining action together with leading transatlantic companies, politicians, research, and knowledge partners as well as international entrepreneurs.
MONDAY, September 14


TUESDAY, September 15

CONFERENCE DAY Limited tickets available
Participate in and benefit from panel discussions and keynotes on innovation and trends in various industries, transatlantic and international scaling, as well as networking sessions and pitch presentations.

City Collaboration
Corporate Innovation
Investors’ Perspective
Facilitating Innovation
Trends & Opportunities in Media
WEDNESDAY, September 16

SITE VISITS Limited tickets available
Learn from and establish relationships with key local stakeholders.

Different industry tracks will open doors to potential partners, local experts, CEOs, innovators, and industry leaders.

Including a special session at Deutsche Bank following last year’s success.

Deutsche Bank


Hosted by

Media CenterBeBerlin

As spots are limited, please request an invitation using our email form below.

International Day

“It is my pleasure to serve as the host sponsor for International Week 2015.

As in years past, we look forward to opening Borough Hall’s doors to the international business community to invite startups, investors, international trade organizations, academia, and foreign governments to participate in this fantastic event.”

Photo: Tobias Everke

International Day 2015 is hosted by Brooklyn Borough President, Eric. L. Adams, at Brooklyn Borough Hall on September 17

THURSDAY, September 17

Facilitated by our local friends and industry experts, participants will discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities across five industry tracks.

A second working session sports examples and hands-on advise on how to navigate the NYC ecosystem within the respective industry.

Smart Cities & Clean Tech
New Manufacturing & Entrepreneurialism
Connected Health
Media & Publishing

Sharing insights, best practices, and strategies for growing your business internationally.

Info sessions including Q&A.

Networking, interviews, summary keynotes, and outlook.

Including a special session in collaboration with

UN Foundation

and a closing fireside chat with Olaf Koch, CEO at Metro Group

Metro Group

Secure your spot for International Day at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Register below.


Join the conversation on


Get involved


If you feel like you or someone you know could greatly contribute to the industry-specific or international aspects of the program, please reach out to us with a brief introduction.

Please email us using the contact form below.


Beyond the five covered industry tracks, “Scaling Innovations” is relevant to any startup. We invite you to be part of a vibrant working atmosphere and connect with potential local and international partners, investors and further multipliers to take your business to the next level – domestically or abroad.

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Guests & Speakers

We look forward to discussing the many opportunities to get involved and take advantage of the unique setting and audience. Become a host, sponsor, or strategic partner.

Please email us using the contact form below to set up a call or meeting.

An invitation to join and partner with us.


Reach out to us

International Week is developed and run by NY Intl LAB.

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