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7th Annual
TEP Conference

Coming Fall 2017 | New York City

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TEP 2016 Overview
Making international expansion faster and cheaper than ever by fostering collaborations among cities, founders and investors

Day 1
October 10
Off-the-plane VC Workshop
Informal Welcome
Day 2
October 11
TEP Workshops
Fundraising in the U.S.
Business Development in the U.S.
TEP Expo
TEP Global
Global Media and Digital Disruption
New Instruments
Smart City & Urban Tech
IoT & Advanced Manufacturing
Evening Reception
Founders’ Support Dinner
The “Start Alliance”
Day 3
October 12
Banks & FinTech
TEP Innovation
Site Visits
Doing Business in NYC
Evening Reception
Day 4
October 13
Global Digital Economy
Together with our partners, New York International invites startups, SME and corporates to address the challenges and opportunities of collaborative innovation and international expansion in the context of accelerating digitalization, urbanization, and globalization.
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TEP 2016 Partners

TEP 2016 Community Partners


NYCEDCWorld to NYC Partnership for NYCNewLab   Brooklyn

Korea AustraliaHongkongTaiwan


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