The Transatlantic Entrepreneur Partnership (TEP) is a collaboration between the business hubs of New York City and Berlin.

Given New York City’s and Berlin’s unique dynamic, both cities are perfect for a modern type of partnership focusing on data, ideas, entrepreneurship, and growth.

We hope that rapid internationalization will enable cities, investors, entrepreneurs, and societies as a whole to grow and benefit.


TEP hosts a yearly conference bringing together leaders from both cities for several days of discussion and collaboration. The 2013 conference in New York City brings together investors, entrepreneurs, media, and policy makers from the US and Europe.

This is a conference from friends for friends and is the platform to discuss business and policy opportunities and challenges and get to know decision makers in both cities.


This year’s conference will include a full week of activities, beginning with the Berlin to NYC program run by the New York City Economic Development Corporation which brings startups from Berlin to NYC for a few days of informational talks, an introduction to the city’s startup scene, and networking opportunities.

The second half of the week will include panel discussions and talks, visits to prominent NYC startups, and opportunities to network with attendees from both NYC and Berlin.

CONTACT: To contact us for more information about our 2013 conference or about TEP as a whole, please email tep@nyintl.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

MORE INFO: Participants of the 2013 conference can find more info here.

berlin_to_nycAs part of the 2013 conference, the New York City Economic Development Corporation ran a special program “Berlin to NYC” on December 2-4.